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Hawkeye by FlowComa

This was a killer Hawkeye pic that Wayne :iconflowcoma: drew up and was nice enough to let me color. Be sure to check out his original [link]

Lines: Wayne Nichols
Colors: Chris Summers (me)

*posted with permission*
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One of the best Hawkeye pieces I've seen.
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The colors are fantastic. But I thought he used longbows.. o.O
ChrisSummersArts's avatar
Thanks, not sure on the Longbow thing, but I think I have seen him use compound bows before :)
djlegaspi's avatar
great colors there!
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as i am sick and totally out of it, i think ive had so much cough medicine and cold and flu crap that im like totally zonked!!
:sleep: anywho....
Your Amazing Avengers Piece has been featured in part 2 of my 3 part Marvel featurette here [link]
Im sorry its a bit late... like REALLY!!! late, my feature has been up for like 3 weeks and i havent told any of you... *feels bad*
Anywho... (lol second time ive said that) Captain America would be proud,
I must now go send this message to another 30 people....

okay offically my WORST FORM MESSAGE EVER!!! i guess the cold and flu medicine really does zonk you out...

PS. comments on my feature are always appreciated (well demanded) please and thank you
ChrisSummersArts's avatar
Thanks for the feature!!
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Rocking colors, as always!
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wow man that is freaking awesome, the colours are superb, really adds alot of depth to the peice, top notch :thumbsup:
ChrisSummersArts's avatar

I think Wayne's lines lent them selves to the colors well.
PsychoSlaughterman's avatar
they sure did, it's really vivid, i'm allways impressed by the shading, while making your stamp i got the chance to look at it up close and it actually helped me pick up some tips, like when animating the green arrows sky, i had to shade in the area behind him to make the sky roll past and i picked up the subtle greens in the clouds that you don't really notice at first but make all the difference in tieing him in and making it gel, superb
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I hope to one day looking that calm and collected despite the explosion behind me. :giggle: Or at least rock that lighting.

The colors came out great! Really really dig the shadowing on his face. Good stuff, Chris!
ChrisSummersArts's avatar

Thanks, it is amazing how easy to colors are when you are working with good art :)
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