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Green Arrow Black Canary

Green Arrow is one of my Fav characters so when I saw Tony post this up I just had to color it (with his permission of course).

Pencils: Tony Parker :icontonyparkerart:
Colors: Chris Summers (Me)
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I love the light effect.
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wow awesome art both of you, your colour skills are impressive, do you use a tablet?? i do colouring work also on friends pencils but only use a mouse at best, sometimes i'm stuck with a laptop pressure pad, just wondering if a tablet really makes a difference
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Thanks again. Tony really knocked it out of the park I think.

Yea I use a tablet, well really I use a Cintiq (think a tablet that is a monitor), but before that I used a Intuos3. For cons and stuff where I take my laptop I use a Wacom Bamboo and it works great.

Tablets really do make a big difference. The ability to have pressure sensitivity and work more like real drawing or painting is great.

The Bamboo's are not that expensive so you should really look into one. There are 2 sizes, I prefer the larger one myself.
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yeah he sure did, the angles and composition just are amazing.
ooh fancy, i bought a cheap tablet once but it had some kinda problem, it kept drawing big random lines over and over and i couldn't get it to stop, i shall look in to the tablets you mentioned though because it sounds like i will enjoy colouring more that way with the freedom style of a pencil, i'm guessing i wont be able to afford one untill i rob a bank but i shall keep an eye out ha ha, thanks again for the info, i appreciate it
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Yea you can get the Wacom Bamboo starting at about $99 so they aren't too outrageous. Even if you can only get the smallest tablet it is way better than a mouse or...shudder...a laptop touch pad ;P
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wow that is surprisingly cheaper than i thought, i have a new goal to save for, ha ha oh i bet, after i finish a peice with the laptop it feels like my finger is away to drop off lol
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awesome, one of my fav characters
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...I knew I had seen it somewhere...

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Heh yea, I tried not to ruin your great pencils too much.
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I've always like Green Arrow even more so when Mike Grell did the Longbow Hunters! :D

This whole picture is winner winner chicken dinner! :clap:
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Best chicken tenders around!
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I was just gaping at Tony's pencils for this! Too funny. My Green Arrow fangirliness is showing and boy, is it spoiled today. :love: Brilliant colors on this! It looks fantastic.
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Glad ya like it!!! Us Green Arrow fans have to stick together.
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sweet work Amigo!
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