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On Sale: Headline: Reporte in Distress!

Production: World of Boundcraft

Model: Chrissina Lovegag

Theme: Selfbondage, Crossdressing

Hey Guys!
A brand new bondage clip is now available on!
Enjoy me as super strict and massive tied up and gagged reporter-snoop in uncomfortable trouble!

The sexy and buxom reporter Chrissina got a meeting for an interview with a company boss. She hopes to find out about some criminal activities. But the smart employees are prepared for the uncomfortable snoop and so Chrissina runs int a cruel trap. She has to wait in a empty office and drinks some prepared water wich numbs her effective. As she awakes, she finds herself strict tied up on hands and legs and gagged with some sticky stripes of tape. Her loud struggling and moaning alarms a man wich has the order to get quickly and effective rid of the big boobed reporter. To prepare the busty blonde for her vanishing, he switches her simple gag to a massive, mouthstuffed tapewrapgag and starts to restrain Chrissinas voluptious body extremely with a lot of more tight rope. After some minutes the helpless captive is a brutal packed up damsel and is delivered to the pervert activities of her cruel captor. Before her removes Chrissina from the office, he unbares her huge tits and gives her a big load of joy into her sexy butt. Then he puts her on the floor and the hopeless squirming and moaning package got merciless dragged out of the office to the underground car park where a waiting van will deliver it to the next digging hole.
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