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Sorry for the repost! If you can Favorite again, that would be appreciated :0)

Colored in my Tracer sketch to go along with Junkrat and D.Va. I will probably do a Hanzo/Genji piece next... Anyways, hope you guys like!    
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Nice take on the classic line! ;) 
Aaah i love it!
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A wonderful piece here. And the colors make it all the more lovely.
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thank you so much for all your nice comments!
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god, i wish i could draw like that
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Practice makes perfect.
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Start drawing every day. Watch drawing tutorials. I used to be a terrible artist... and I still kinda am but my artwork has somewhat improved. I draw something every day. Another thing is, you have to enjoy drawing. Find something you like. For me, it's knights. I love drawing knights.
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Oi, mate, the cavalry's 'ere.
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Very nice and cute! :D
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that looks very british, good job!
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this is incredible ! awesome work 
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