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The last unicorn Cover

This Fanart from the Anime-Movie "The last Unicorn" begun I have last summer 2006. At Christmas 2006 it is finished. It was many work primarily the background!
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The best kids movie ever!
SeeSamSketch's avatar
Oh my gosh the background! I love all the animals in it. It must have taken forever.
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Really like the William Morris look. :)
Dreamingdreams's avatar
I think it looks great :) nicely done!
Calyses's avatar
Wie war das noch. Wer findet die Maus?
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I really love the artwork! And yes, the background O.o Wow.
Lhunweth's avatar
Love the throwback to the Unicorn Tapestries you made with the elaborate background pattern! The entire piece is very eye-catching.
FireballStardraco's avatar
When I was looking for images of the Last Unicorn and saw this I knew that it could of only been drawn by someone on DA, and I gotta say you did an outstanding job on this, it truly looks wonderfully done.
Spinnradler's avatar
It looks like Haggard's thinking: "the cat gots his own cicrle while i have to share mine with my "son";;; grmbl..."
Clerical-Error's avatar
Wow, the level of detail in the background is incredible! I can't imagine how many hours that took.:D Awesome how you included all the other important characters too, it represents the movie well.
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Awesome! The Last Unicorn is one of my childhood favorites:D
krazykat412's avatar
Oh yeah! You even got the skeleton dude!
Cinderellatmidnight's avatar
This is gorgeous! Could I post it on the fan blog of Peter S. Beagle??!!! Of course I would put your copyright and a link to your DeviantArt Gallery! There are lots of The Last Unicorn fans who shared their work with us!

Have a look on: [link]

It would be so great to share your work with the other Peter S. Beagle Fans!!!

Thanks and kind regards!
chrissi-dinos's avatar
Thank you! :-) You can post this work on the fan blog.
Cinderellatmidnight's avatar
Thanks so much for sharing your artwork with the Peter S. Beagle Fan blog!!! I'm so happy that other Last Unicorn fans will see your beautiful work. Here the link to the post: [link]
AriesNamarie's avatar
Did you know this work is being sold by someone on ebay? [link]
chrissi-dinos's avatar
Thank´s for your info! This ebay-seller had not my OK to use my work...
AriesNamarie's avatar
You're welcome, I thought it looked a little suspicious
Erith's avatar
I wish that was the cover to the DVD
christi-chan's avatar
I always loved the cat in the movie. ^^ You did an awesome job.
DancingWithShadows's avatar
Very nice!

Loving the fact that you didn't just draw one character, but worked in most of them, and they all look great! :3
JaBeJaZz's avatar
Bloody hell, this brings back memories. Nostalgiaaaaaaa!

Nicely done, I love it!
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