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So.... I did a new piece of art of an old subject: a dragon. Did my usual thing; screen recorded it (for future tutorial creation) and then time-lapsed it... Then posted it on Facebook, and at the same time, youtube. This was 3 days ago. As of this post, it has been viewed over 71,000 times on Facebook (shared over 1700 times) yet, on youtube it hasn't even broke 1000 views. I'm relieved and perplexed at the same time. Relieved, because up until this moment, I really was wondering if perception of my artwork was going downhill (as I have seen so many newer channels with 6 digit view counts, and I usually can't go much higher than 400). So I thought I would try going back to doing a dragon (my most popular subject when my YT channel was booming). I posted it on FB thinking it would do okay, and was mostly focused on trying to get my YT presence back up there. 

Well... Ultimately, the reverse happened. Which is actually really good. Because now I don't feel so bad about whether or not it is my art-- clearly, it is an algorithm thing, or something. I suppose it could also be the trend of content I have been putting on YT in the last 5 or 6 years. Kind of wandered farther away from this tyoe of art gradually each time by posting a wide swath of "other" work... And snippets only, too. Perhaps I just need to upload one painting a week of this subject and caliber. We'll see. I shall continue on! 
The YT vid: 
Hey, all! Trying to get a handle on social media... Looking for ways to get the word out there. I have my newer Facebook page: [link]
...And I also have an Instagram:

I would love to hear from fellow deviantart artists any suggestions as to what you would like to see on these pages. 
I am not the greatest at self promo... I just like to do art! :)

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...Not that I was ever "there". But, there was a time when things were more… active. I got a lot of attention from my art between 2006 and 2010, but one of my worst adversaries got in the way. My SELF. I am a man of horrible anxieties.. I suffer from weird fear and depression issues. I think it started years ago when my brother was shot and killed the day after my first daughter was born— and then a couple years later, she was diagnosed autistic… From that, there was such a time of grief and financial struggle, it creates a strange negativity in the back of your mind that expects the other shoe to drop all the time, in all circumstances. So I hide.  Had a huge surge in online presence in the mid 2000’s only to become nervous and back away from it. It was always easy to do, considering that my “day job” has always been working in the commercial art biz for ad agencies— a job that is perfectly tailored for an individual who wants to hide in plain site doing an art job. 

Times have changed, though… They are ALWAYS changing. As I grow older ( and my family has grown) I am feeling the need to overcome my weirdo fears and anxieties and really put myself out there for the sake of my family and their future. It’s a fight, but here I am. I am determined to do it. I am thankful to all who follow on here, and hope that my new wave of art pieces will inspire and give off a positive vibe to all who need it. 
Sarah: Portrait of Autism by chrisscalf