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My wife... Digital painting done from scratch in photoshop. All freehand...
Wacom INtuos 3
see the painting come together here:
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This is really good.  I hope I hear back from you!
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Wow! It's amazing!Clap :D (Big Grin) 
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look like a photo! Thats really reat
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your skills are incredible !!! i'm your fan and I really hope I can be a great artist as you someday ...
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May I know on what resolution you work on this?
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I think it was 8" x 10" at 300 dpi...
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I have its video tutorial too and I have watched that hundreds of times.
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its so REAL!!! just unbelievable...
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This is amazing! I was almost positive that it was a photo! My hat goes off to you, that isn't something I think I could do in a million years even if I practiced non-stop that whole time. Feel free to take a bow :)
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At first I found it hard to believe that this was a painting, but, looking closer, the only things that even remotely said otherwise would be the ear and the hair on the left and maybe the bangs on the right(the forehead seemed to be missing from under the bangs, but then the colours in the photo probably showed the same lighting quality diffusing the shadows beneath with the colour of the hair), and again I say that those areas are very well done. Maybe I just needed to find something that would make me feel better about my own limited abilities. Absolutely amazing painting, well done!!
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this is seriously one of the best digital portraits i have EVER seen!
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I did a double-take on this one...I truly thought this was a photograph for about 5 minutes, until I took a small section and convinced myself otherwise. ^^ Amazing job! Your wife is very beautiful, too :)
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Watching the video for it: wow. Just: wow. :o
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You are lying, this is definately a photograph!
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Hmm, the video-link in the description seems to prove otherwise, though.
The process looks amazing. o.O
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Yea I know it's not, but I just couldn't believe it at first. It's meant as a compliment, hehe.
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I was fooled as well, I must admit. ^^;
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