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Star Wars Purge Cover

Latest project I have been working on... Full issue of Star Wars. Think of it as 92 digital paintings. (92 panels).

Hope everyone will like it.
see it here:

Other Star Wars covers:
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Ooh! I have this one. You guys did a fantastic job! Some of the best Star Wars artwork I've ever seen!

Good day 
I like to find out can we buy this image file from you?
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My favorite art Heart Heart Heart 
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Darth vader peixl icon All of you traitors are slaves to my wrath!
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I love Vader, keep it up.
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I shared you on my facebook page:…

I have pinned you as my fave so far today :)
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Awesome job on the art work 
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Great work! The force is strong with you!
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Darth Vader: best villain ever!!
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Siths aren't  ' villains' becaues then I would be a villain !!!!
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But Darth Vader is a Villain! Isn't?
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Very nice work ;)
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It was great comic, as well. How ever popular or not, the new movie becomes, I am sad that the last three chapters won't make it to the screen. I know the stories, big and small, of the "post Jedi" universe. Disney have not acquired Star Wars. They, assimilated it. Then, they hired someone that would, (1) being willing to rewrite a classic sci-fi universe. (2) Could never pass on the honor of having his name linked to Star Wars, forever. Perhaps, it really would have been safer in the hands of the Chinese! SOUTH PARK FORESAW THIS!!
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Great Cover for a Comic. 
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super work, very nice picture and great Design :) (Smile)
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