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Star Wars: Allegiance

Some SW art from last year...
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very nice work, i love sw art.

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It was at this point that the Stormtroopers realised that the crazy old Clone Soldiers were right about one thing: Somehow, a squad's efficiency, effectiveness and longevity was much greater when they had a Force Sensitive in charge.
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Pew pew
I like SW
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Oh my goodness I love this!
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Awesome art work.
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What's the situation here?
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Mara Jade, last Apprentice of Darth Sideous is leading a small group of Imperial soldiers against another group of Imperial soldiers. Which side is which is clearly left to the individual viewer to determine.
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great action shot! i mean, it feels like I'm walking in on the climax of a movie
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wait, whats the story behind this? The troopers and her have gone rouge or has the AT-ST gone rouge/been captured and being used against them? 
Star Wars EU book Alliance, at least if I remember correctly. The five Stormies are a group of defectors while the lightsaber chick is a Force empowered agent of the Emperor named Mara Jade.

The AT-ST is rogue, the troopers are (technically, they shot a secret policeman after he was going to *BLAM* one of them for refusing to kill random people) rogue, and the agent is still loyalist.
It's a good book, you should try and read it sometime.
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Imperial Civil War, after the Battle of Endor; with both Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader dead, the imperial throne was vacant as there was never an established line of succession. This resulted in the Galactic Empire fragmenting as the various Moffs became warlords ruling independent fiefdoms and started to fight among themselves, with no one having the charisma or skill to rally the manpower, warships or resources needed to hold the empire together. 

It made the New Republic's job much easier, I can tell you that. 
Wasn't this book set before that?
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Hang on, let me double-check... Why, yes! My mistake. That's Mara Jade down there, ordering Imperial Stormtroopers to engage an AT-ST being commandeered by a space pirate. Without spoiling too much, though, this novel does involve ambitious and treacherous Imperials. 

Given how the Empire was set up, there's internal infighting all the time, even before both Darth Sideous and Darth Vader hit the bucket at Endor. 
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Woot Luke Skywalker's babe of a wife!
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Nice Job, I liked that book it's a good read! :)
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Holy Crap! I just realized this is a painting! Nice job on the detail!
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Oh wow! I've read this story two times and have just bought the book! This is one of my favorite parts!
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Oh god I remember reading this.  Looks great!
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ACK!!! I almost wish I had not seen this. :P I'm reading Allegiance right now. Almost at the half way mark. This looks incredible!! I'm looking forward to reading about this scene.
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