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Another portrait of my daughter. I created this piece on the heels of the the blog piece I wrote about her autism (a few days ago), and how it molded me as an artist... I wanted to post something on youtube so that I could share that blog with the viewers there, since that's where the idea originated for me to write the story of my walk in humility.

5.5 hour
Photoshop, wacom intuos 3, etc...
youtube link:
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Believe it or not but it is because of this particular piece's youtube video that I begin digital art and I just discover you had a DA account. Thank you Chris Scalf, you change my life in a way.
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Thank you so much! Means a lot to me to read this! :) :) :)
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I knew it would means a lot to you, I know your story for a long time now ! with your little girl (who has grown for sure) and the massive amount of work you did to have this level (it's my turn nowSweating a little... ). I thank you to answered me tooHug 
You and your family have my best wishes and a glorious day:) (Smile) 
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Best Artist :)
It's a good background, colors and shadows.
I wish to her longevity and good life with your family :)
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How do u do such amazing work Chris...that too in such a short time....
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No matter what anyone says about your daughter, she is still absolutely beautiful! Just like the portrait! ;)
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i saw the video and i got a question, what BRUSH and BRUSH SETTINGS did you use to make her SKIN, pleaseeeee!! ... i love your artwork and i'd really apreciate that you tell that. you are amazing!!!.. i'm a fan of your work.
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thanks. I just use the standard default brushes that come with PS, stylus at full pressure. The smallest "spatter" brush is the one I use most frequent.
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Great painting, Sir. Your daughter is so beautiful.
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As a father and painter I salute you!!!!!!!!!
their both (picture and child) masterpieces.
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I seen her on YouTube. I like the flowers on her shirt:)
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Stunning work, i mistook this for a photo at first until watching the YT link. You are a true master at what you do with images like this !!
Thanks for sharing this fantastic piece & link and for providing great inspiration for an amateur\novice digital artist like myself. :)
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very time i see this i get lost within its beauty, Incredible sir!
LyeenAlandis's avatar
Looks like a photo! How do you draw the fleece?! It looks so realistic o_O *stunning*
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I have watched this over and over on youtube and it still gets me! How old is she now?
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I saw the video on youtube, by chance and i have to say im really impressed
It really is photorealistic, and im really in awe :)
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Your daughter is beautiful.

And this picture. NOT A PHOTO?! How?!
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She's very beautiful. Hope I don't sound rude, because some people think this sounds rude, but I don't think you wouldn't even be able to tell she is autistic. =D Your daughter is very cute and i wish the best for her.
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If someone came to me and held this picture in front of my nose saying it was painted, I'd have called the guy a liar... I just can't see the difference between picture and painting! You are so good at this!
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i won't believe, that this is a drawing.

Holy crap...
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Beautiful, beautiful child. I can empathize, have a daughter with CHARGE syndrome, two open heart surgeries so far, glaucoma surgery, lots of others, but beautiful and so much fun to be with. She also shaped the direction I went in, but I'm nowhere near as talented as you. Two thumbs way up for you and your work!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess we can't post pics in replies, was gonna post one of my daughter, ho hum.... I believe I have some work in my gallery of her if you want to check it out.
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