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Old airbrush art...

I want to say this was probably 1992...
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I got to get to this level of face drawing.
like it.
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92' my gosh that was the year i was born!!! 19 years ago you were STILL good!?
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you also did one in mixed media, full colour, am I right? anyway this is extreme, not like to the extent of the portrait of your son you show on YT, but extreme anyway. What would be the size of it?
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really ... this is the art of air brushing ... and u have a very keen eye :)
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you have a lot of skill !
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He has not just a lot... to much skill :D
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he should share his skill!...unless he already does...
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Well those kind of skills only come whit practice , and a lot of it , years of experience!
I only started drawing a year ago and I'm 20 so ... :S There is now way that I'll be able to do a photo-real drawing..

But still he gives me so much inspiration, atm I'm drawing a dog of my Girlfriend, he run away and they never found him :(
so i have few motivations to do it, plus I made a sketch on her bedroom wall, so now I'm practicing to color it, Learned a lot from Chris's videos !
I just wish to see more future work from Him on youtube, it's so amazing !
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I know! I stumbled across his art on youtube of all the dragons (and I just adore dragons) and then I thought this guy seriously has talent, people can defo learn from him! And I really dig how he shows the whole process :meow:

Sorry about the dog aswell :crying:
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Same, I saw his old dragon paintings on youtube several years ago, and only in the last couple of months did I think to look for him on DA. His realistic paintings are amazing!
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Yep, but as soon as I found him I was off to Deviantart!
And I didn't think it was humanly possible to be so amazing at drawing dragons heheh x)
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Amazing <3 so beautiful and detailed...
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uhm... hum... ghm... is it the outcome on the far right?
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