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Did King Kong step on a LEGO brick?
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No. Because if he did, he would be crying.
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I know. Was joking back at you... :D Cuz those things hurt when you step on em. I would think he would cry.
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and then there's hot wheels cars... with spoilers...
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He just wants to borrow a cup  of sugar.  That's why he is using his friendly face.
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i think u made it mad
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That's one fearsome looking bigfoot, nice work! :D
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Awesome work man.
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You are my favouritt Artist ! i love u ! :D
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This is absolutely stunning. The detail and the raw aggression displayed in this picture are quite phenomenal. I love how rough his skin looks, and all the deep folds in his skin. I also love his fur as well, it looks amazing.

Though the hair is usually greasy, and Bigfoot doesn't actually have a nose like that. They have hooded noses, like humans. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to swim.
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That is stunning, you take my breath away chriscalf.
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He looks pretty monstrous.
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I would literally sh*t my pants!
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Imagine running into that. I'd be scared.
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Woah!! Nice!
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kongs evil brother ? lol .
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I call him monkey foot D:

great details on skin texture and the mouth! amazing as always! X3
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