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A Star Wars Rough...

...From around the time I was preparing to do "Star Wars: Legacy" cover #42... I did a few sketches and character studies to get into the groove... FOund this on my hard drive while cleaning up-- thought I would share.
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Looks like a Bothan Jedi. An interesting idea. I feel like Bothans would make poor Jedi with their power hungry nature.
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Looks like it could be Voolvif Monn

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Ah, yeah, it could be a Shistavanen too. The official art for Bothans over the years is not consistent at all...

Awesome work! Would you mind if I base a "Force and Destiny" rpg character on this? Can create a backstory and all that
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Love your works ^^
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its more than likely a shistavanen not a bothan
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please can you do more of this guy!!
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Shistavene wolfman, I presume :)
I dont think it is bothan. i think it is the wearwolf people. Either way looks great
Very cool. What species is that? Or were you just drawing something cool, without regards to specifics?
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Nice job,the bothans are the best in my opinion
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Woo! The Bothans finally get some love! Nice work!
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Jedi Master Voolviff?
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