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A Dragon Awakens...

Older digital dragon I did a bit ago.

It's on youtube...

Photoshop CS with a Wacom Intuos 3.

(BTW- I started a new facebook account where a lot of this stuff will be featured. Animations too. Search for Chris Scalf Art. All are welcome to "add as friend" there.)
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meticulous detail is very, very, VERY, meticulous
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Very nice. I particularly like the perspective. I'm sorry if I sound ignorant (I'm very new to non-traditional art), but when you make a mistake while sketching (if ever), do you erase or simply draw over it, like when you did the rough shape of the jaw and then added teeth? When I do the basic line art, I tend to have to "clean up" a lot of lines otherwise I get thrown off. Also, any tips for making scales look more realistic? I saw in the video that you sort of add curls everywhere and then I blinked and with lighting there were suddenly scales.

Anyway, this is great.
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thanks! yeah- for digital painting, you can usually just go right over it- or smudge it.
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Damn I hate you :D Your dragons and monsters are nothing short of amazing, as are your speed-paint vids on youtube!
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I loved the youtube painting video you did on this way back. :D Way cool- I love how the dragon almost seems to be growing out of the rock, and nestles against the glow of lava. This was one of the very first digital painting videos I saw, and one of the ones that got me interested in digital painting (I hadn't even known such a thing existed before, even though I had seen such art in books for years, :XD:). Gods- I keep repeating myself... ^^;
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Awesome beastly beast!
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Remember me from the Comic Book League at Malow? :)

When this dragon was mentioned, I felt the need to see it for myself. Best dragon I've ever seen, and the speedpaint is amazing!
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Hi! great to see you here! :-) thanks!
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Anytime, comrade. :D
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This is so awesome!! I saw your speedpainting on youtube - there it all looks so easy, so clear.... but it is really hard work. And you are so lucky because you are able to see WHERE you have to put the lightings and shadows so it will be perfect in the end. You are very talented! :clap:
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C'est vraiment du travail magnifique que vous faites là. Un vrai dragon, effrayant à souhait. ↑
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Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
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I remember seeing this on youtube a couple years ago... loved it then, love it now
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i love dragons! :3 awesome pic!
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What an awesome dragon. If dragons existed in our current dimension, it would have passed for a photograph. Just brilliant; so realistic !!!
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An amazing piece of work :)
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Brilliant work love.
Just stunning detail and textures.
...just wow! O.o
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