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2D Game Artist by day, Digital Illustrator by night.

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ChrissaBug is a talented artist, whose brilliant colours and whimsical style immediately brighten any day or mood. A testament to hard work and perseverance, she has turned challenges into opportunities and established herself as an artist to watch. Her positivity is infectious and her community spirit is unparalleled. As a member of our DeviantArt Collective, she has provided valuable resources and hosted challenges to help artists improve and build upon their craft. ChrissaBug is the embodiment of what it means to be “devious” and it is our joy to award her with Deviousness for December 2022
Awarded Dec 2022

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Hi hi Lovelies! Find me on Cara as well! I'm sure you have heard the rumblings about Cara already, but if you haven't: it's an art focused social media that does not allow ai. It was initially started as an alternative to art station, so it has a good portfolio function, but also has a social media feed somewhat like twitter for the social aspect. It's a little bumpy because it has grown so fast, but the feed and interaction over there has been a pleasure so far. You can scroll and just see human made art without being bombarded by ads, reels, and ai. It feels kind of cozy and supportive like the dA days of old! Anyhoo! Here is my profile if you wanna find me over there!
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OH MY GOSH😭😭😭💗I can’t believe I finally have MY BOOK in my hands! Yes, you read that right! Over the past 1.5ish years I have been busting my booty to create my first How to Draw RPG characters book and it is FINALLY here!! ✨It releases in May but Preorders are already open wherever books are sold! (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, you name it! Haha) it’s also available internationally! If you are somewhere like Europe, just check your usual bookstore websites! I will share some more peeks at the book soon, but I couldn’t resist unboxing it with you guys! 💗🙏📕.
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It is snowy and -5 degrees here! Definitely feeling like Winter!❄️
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Just wished to compliment the beautiful and wonderful gallery. It is great seeing all the various images and the different attire!

omg i remember your art from when i was a kid!! im so glad youre still creating <3

Idk if this is heavily referenced or not from your pfp but it looks quite like it

Is it from a TV show or maybe a character?


Your art is so amazing!🤩

Your art is absolutely amazing!

Your art is very noice and I love your use of lighting and shading.

Your art never seizes to impress, i hope one day i get as good at illustrating as you :D

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