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Illuminati alien hybrid babies are the greatest threat currently facing humanity. Or so I've heard.
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PSC 1400 series
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Not sure if such far distanced races would have the ability.

None the less, your artwork is flawless. : )
Beautiful warm painting for something that may be a threat to humanity.
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Thank you :). I agree, outside of what I would consider a lucid dream and sleep paralysis I've not had anything resembling a paranormal experience. I dont believe we've been visited or that they look anything like us. But based on statistics I think it is likely that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe.
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I have had several of what would be called "paranormal" but I feel they are not out of the ordinary so much.
I do not believe that people have been abducted by aliens either.
When one considers all the bacteria and viruses on this planet (because of all the diverse life), I'm sure most would keep their distance. : )
I'm more than certain they exist out there, too.
I'm glad I'm not the only one. :heart:
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That's just Zeta Reticuli propaganda!
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Haha, probably. But we cant be sure, better get some hypnotic regression (which is clearly a legitimate technique for uncovering erased memories of the inside of spaceships and not pseudoscience at all).