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I have recently finished illustrating a graphic novel titled Duty, Honour and Izzat - From Golden Fields to Crimson. Punjab's brothers in arms in Flanders. Presented as a historical scrapbook with beautifully realised, photo-realistic artwork. The book, which details the Indian Army’s involvement in World War One, is available to pre-order online (www.renegadeartsentertainment.…) and will be in bookshops from early 2019. The book, which is being released to mark 100 years since World War One, also covers how one million combatants of the British Indian Army fought alongside the British and played a pivotal part in the war.www.renegadeartsenterta…
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May I just say how typical it is of people to hang someone before they've had a chance to explain themselves and it's usually the people it has nothing to do with. Jerome sent me a note explaining his issues in a calm and amicable manner. Then the losers who have nothing to do with it and just like to rant (Empty vessels make the most noise!) act like a pack of wolves and tear you to shreds before you can even explain.

I hope the matter between myself and Jerome has been resolved. This was a simple oversight on my part and I shall be more careful where I source images from in the future.

Below is the message I sent to Jerome.

Hi - Wow, looks like I've really upset you and a lot of others.
I really am so very sorry.

I have honestly never seen your image in all my life until today.

I found an image on google image search at the time of doing this. It was just the giant no background and he had been rendered to look more like bender from Futurama.

It appears that someone had already stolen your work and used it on their own fansite. I took that image and traced the basic shape in corel draw and then added the form and textures in Photoshop. I always credit any images used from DA and any that have given inspiration.

The reason so many of my works don't have credits is that a lot of the images come from google etc... and my own photographs.

I'm sorry if this has caused you any bother. The image has been removed and I'll be more careful in future but like I said before I have honestly never seen your image untill today. If I had I would only have been to pleased to credit you.

I only post images here for a bit of fun not to make a living. I only made the Iron Man available as a print at the request of another member and it has only made that one sale.

I hope you can overlook this oversight on my part.