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Captain Kidd's Capture

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Ah Kidd - overrated and misunderstood and set up like a thief in the night
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I always thought that Kidd's story was the most interesting in history, and he ended up being my favorite sailor. What really gets me, though, is that not only was he unrightfully hung, but the poor man died on May 23, my birthday! >.<
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Poor Kidd. That guy never caught a break. This is a beautiful picture, though.
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awesome picture! this is really well done. im a direct descendant of captain kidd
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Nice! It blends very smoothly and the lighting looks quite realistic. I really like this one.
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Another great one. He was rumored to have buried treasure on one of the islands up at Thimble Islands in Guilford , about a half hour from me.
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You'd best get down there with a spade! :)
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I wouldnt be the first to try
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Sadly, the treasures gone already. D:
I read that when Kidd was captured, the king went out and dug up his treasure for evidence or just so it wouldn't be there anymore.. I can't remember exactly. Bummer though, eh?
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Actually that wasn't near half, the rest of it is on that island, in a tunnel, cleverly concealed by dirt. When modern workers tried to dig it up, the entire tunnel filled with water! Six people have already died from attempting to get at it, and there's a rumor that they still can't get past the elaborate traps. Kidd was very clever, but if they do find it, they'd better take pictures, then put it back. it's kinda like his grave, ya' know?
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Well.. I think it's still there lol
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This is cool.
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