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Chaos and Alchemy cover

Cover art for Chaos and Alchemy Card Game.
Copyright © 2012 by Clay Crucible Games LLC

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© 2012 - 2021 ChrisRallis
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May I use the picture for a guestbook of my roleplay character? I'll of course post the copyright.

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Oh wow, love it!
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I was wondering which reference I used when I was doing this piece.
Back then I used to save the reference photos on my pc and it was impossible to find out the source.
Thank you for the contribution!
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No Problem. I knew this artwork long before I found the photography of Gestiefelte Katze by chance and was like "wtf am I seeing ghosts?" :)

Glad I could help.
Nice Artwork btw. You caught the lighting, expression and the overall sex appeal of the photography perfectly.
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Lovely composition! :heart:
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I really like this one, the props, the look of concentration on her face, the robes, the light... great job! Makes me a bit intrigued about the game too.
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Skyrimmmmmmmmmmm 0.0 sorry so many skyrim comments to everyone. I love this, and the lighting and her hair expecially. It was really good how you drew the liquid pouring from one beaker to another.
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I wonder if modern-day chemists are able to be so close to their chemicals as this alchemists.

Nicely focused. The woman is quite absorbed in her actions, even with her strong grip on the container from which she pours liquid from.
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WOW, this looks so real !
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The things you draw look so real! It's like they're right there, ready to pop out of the screen! Lovely! :)
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I'm not a witch, I'm a scientist.
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