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FINALLY!!! All that hair curves was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to get it right! 
digitaldash and DevTheDeviant suggestions.
I was going to try to make Amethyst, but I remembered that Steven was requested two LA's ago XD. She'll probably be the next one.

LA squad: PeriLa DipperLA MabelLA PearlLAGarnetLA  BillLA 
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PeriLaRIP JASPER and RIP LAPISStevenLA AmethystLAGarnetLA PearlLA  
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cookie cat !!!!!!!!
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Dipper: Mabel?
Mabel:...................LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALAMabelLA MabelLA MabelLA MabelLA MabelLA MabelLA MabelLA MabelLA MabelLA MabelLA 
Me:O_o You guys are weird*walks out room*
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DipperLA MabelLA 
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Me: LALALALLALALALLALALALLALALALLALALALALLALALLALALLALALA:la: choir Red Bird La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Explode la plz Raichu la plz the LA scale :Portal: RAINBOW LA la in love La jumping in Points :La: in Love with :Dummy: :omgomg: Sylveon La Jack Sparrow LA emote Bulbasaur la plz La love Toilet Paper Mew La Plz :trafficla: :cantsing: :LaDrum: Sonic La The Badass :la: :la: Spin Dancing :la: Crazy La :iconlacrazyplz: EYEBROWS-SAMA Jonstonla Slender llama My :la: is a square-FREE ICON Epic La Eevee la icon :cryingla: :bestbuddies: Squirtle Piano :la: Kawaii La :jumpingla: with plz account Pumpkin La :DrunkBummy: Big La. Link La Extreme La Umbreon La icon Shake-la Dancing la Jolteon La plz Espeon la icon :tribblela: :Pineapple la: La is puking Rainbows Flareon La icon :hoLA: Undertaker La Shiny La :bathla: revised Dr. Whooves La Gengar la plz :big-la: Vaporeon La icon Glaceon La icon Furry la :lahaw: Christmas La Rainbow La -plz account- la huggle :IDidntSayIdFightFairISaidId.. Charmander epic la :omgomgbb: Usagi La Emoticon Tiger La la la la :LaCanFLYYY: Banana Laaaaaa fat :la: :la: Banana Dance Foxy  :la: Leafeon La icon La Cactuar Death the Kid La :la: Explosion :ladummyhighfive: :iconlasingplz: Rolling Cancer La Cubone La Plz :iconlabeatplz: :la: Hop Green Pig La La La La La La La La La La La La La I can fly Meow la plz :rainbowla: Too much?
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Rolling Cancer La Rolling Cancer La Rolling Cancer La Rolling Cancer La Rolling Cancer La Rolling Cancer La Rolling Cancer La Rolling Cancer La Rolling Cancer La 
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Thanks for da badge ^w^
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Steven Universe Steven (Derp) : I wonder what this whole "LA" thing on Deviantart is? Is it a meme or something? 
Pearl Emote 11 : HEY STEVEN!!!!
Cute Peridot Icon: STEVEN!!!!
OOF! (Free to use icon/emoticon): STEVEN!!!!!!
PeriLa: LA
GarnetLA : LA
PearlLA: LA
StevenLA : LA
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Theres the official LA :la:. And theres a bunch of versions of it. :La: in Love with :Dummy: Christmas La la in love :bathla: revised :Pineapple la: Sophisticated LA  I guess its just cute XD
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It's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too cute.
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yayayaayay StevenLA PeriLa PearlLA GarnetLA 
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Steven is always like this. Must be in the genes. 


.:Ministrife Steven -free icon-:.  : Yes?

You la?





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Here is what happened to the last person to ask me that question.

Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La Epic La 

Major la   Viza la   Violet la plz   Charmander epic la   Squirtle La   avatar for 00okamii   Odd la icon   Kodin-rawr   :luv:   shakegun   invisiblela ghostbuster la   Emote: Oh My La O.O   :mystery:   :snarlla: :snarlla: :lahigh: :lahigh:   :Dummy La: :Dummy La:   Request: Tornado Twist la plz   Mini LA'ex   L. tries to :la: Dung Beetle La   :robola:   Yoshimi La   La Socks M La Socks M   Sophisticated LA   :iconlabeatplz:   Dragon Platino La v2   Pink La   Ness La   Microphone Dummy   Yoh :la:   :lolla: :lolla:   Praevius La   :brickhousela:   singing la   :brgttla:   Laa of TsukiNoItami   :gila: 

Cait Sith for XeonRhede   :la: choir   JenovasChoirPLZ   CloudChoirPLZ   TurksChoirPLZ   Gens Family Choir for MagicRat   ShinraDirectorsChoir  VinsDemonChoirPLZ VinsDemonChoirPLZ   SOLDIERChoirPLZ   AvalancheChoirPLZ AvalancheChoirPLZ   SephsFamilyChoirPLZ 
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How the person survived?!?! XD 
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He replied back don't worry. Meta Knight Pat Emoticon 

Say you ready for the 8 part epicness that is the Stakaing!! It's allllllll about Marcy! This will be the most screen time she has ever had. Plus Rebeca Suger! Fool Emoji-14 (Pervy Crazy Dance) [V1]    What new threat will OOO have for them after that? I guess The Lich King may return since thanks to on thing named K-O-O who I swear if he wears another one of PB's cloths again. I'll I'll......:angry:   Laser Rage   Rage Mode Gummy   markiplier rage quit icon   markiplier rage quit 3 icon   Luffy Anime Emoji (Angry) [V5]   :extremeshakefist: . If you could make a gif were he epic fails you will get a pizza!
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I was born ready dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xiumin - Come at me bro.... and dance lol 
I don't know if the lich will return... :ponder: 
OMG! KOO sounds like a curse in portuguese XD 
PB clothes are not safe... 
I don't know if I can make gif's now... I'm reaaaally busy this month, tests are coming up... I think I'll go in hiatus for a bit.
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Merry Christmas if I forget. Also get ready for turkey. Or whatever big bird you eat over there.
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Wow! Merry christmas!!!
(Christmas is coming and im still in school *cries* I should be free by now)
And we have turkey XD You guys eat turkey for thanksgiving right? We have it here but its not a holiday.... )
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