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SQUACK! Bird mom!!!
Vishapaws suggestion!
Moar: PeriLa DipperLA MabelLA GarnetLA 
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PearlLA                                        PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA                 PearlLA 
PearlLA                                       PearlLA                                 PearlLA               PearlLA    
PearlLA                                      PearlLA                                 PearlLA                   PearlLA  
PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA             PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA                     PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA            
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La la la la :la: choir Jolteon La plz Espeon la icon Vaporeon La icon Red Bird La La La La La La La La La La La La La La la in love Crazy La :iconlacrazyplz: PeriLa :PinkyPiela: Usagi La Emoticon Raichu la plz GarnetLA MabelLA Sylveon La Rolling La Orange Bird La La La La La La La La La La La La La Leo La la la la Morningstar La Pony Rocketsilver La Pony Desert Storm La Pony :la: Apple Pokeball Mocha Trust La Pony La Turks La In 1920 FriskLA Poppy La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA 
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I just flipping can't this is so amahzing
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Pearl Emote 40 Aw yeah!
Make Amethyst~
Please. Past Amethyst Emote 4 
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I'll put it in the list! ;p
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Omg you have a list! 
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Garnet Emote 5 Steven Universe Garnet (Roll Away) Past Garnet Emote 1 Past Garnet Emote 1 Steven Universe Garnet (BANG!) Steven Universe - Garnet SU: Garnet vs Water Clone Garnet Icon - FtU Garnet Sprite Steven Universe Garnet (NOT HAPPY) Steven Universe Garnet (NOT HAPPY) Steven Universe Garnet (NOT HAPPY) Steven Universe Garnet (BANG!) Steven Universe Garnet (BANG!) Steven Universe Garnet (BANG!) Steven Universe - Garnet Steven Universe - Garnet Steven Universe - Garnet Steven Universe - Garnet Steven Universe - Garnet Garnet Emote 9 Garnet Emote 9 Garnet Emote 9 Garnet Emote 9 Garnet Emote 9 Garnet Emote 9 
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don't you mean Square Mom?
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Hahaha I'll put in the list! ;p
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Steven Universe Pearl And Greg Universe (Hug) YESSS 
Pearl!! <3
PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA PearlLA 
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Hey Pearl! 

Pearl: What?

Lion just turned into Rose!

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I feel like that may happen? But only to be like exposition on how to change Homeworld or something something. Then there will be feels *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (Angry)   the feels   Pikachu Crying Plz   Hysteria Train   because that will be when Steven gets to have a moment with his mom! :heartyfaint:   
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Well..... I guess it won't happen cuz the writers confirmed that Lion isn't RoseSweating a little... They said that all of Rose is half of Steven!NOTICE ME SEMPAI (Rose Quartz Icon)
But I totally agree about the feelings part.Nod It would be so beautiful Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]  
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Well.....I do know that Steven is the result of a human & a gem making love that is clear. What we don't know was the thing that happened during his birth. It could not have been a normal birth if there is such a thing X3. Nah I imagen something like a bright light then Rose turned into a pink flower then lots of sparks fly all over the place stuff is on fire Pearl is wiging out. Greg is holding on to Roes's hand for dear life. And thus Steven is born! 

:la: choir   Explode la plz   Tiger La la la la   la tantrum   The Badass :la:   :cryingla:   :PinkyPiela:   La race   :la: Hop   :icontoadlaplz:   Usagi La Emoticon   :spiderla:   Glompy La   La Turks   Slime la la-buccaneer-1 Liz La and Patti La 
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OH yes!!!!Steven Universe Pearl (Laughing)  That's exacty what I think Stevens birth went out!!!:LaCanFLYYY: :LaDrum: 
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pearl ^o^ PearlLA   
steven next ?
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