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Haha!I really liked this one! Kawaii Papyrus 
:iconunforgivable-porn: and :icontfmspeedpainter: suggested it and I'm sooo sorry for taking so long to do this. GIF Steven Universe - Blushing 

More LA: PeriLa DipperLA MabelLA PearlLAGarnetLA  BillLA AmethystLAStevenLA FriskLA SansLA 
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PapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLA PapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA  PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLA PapyrusLAPapyrusLA PapyrusLA  BillLA IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT Dance Party for Bill, YAH!  (ver3) gravity falls bill cipher intensifies 
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That actually made laugh wtf XD
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can I keep him!
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Ahhhhh!!!! He's so cute!!!!
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Thaank youuu soo much!!! :hug:
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PapyrusLA PapyrusLA PapyrusLA PapyrusLA PapyrusLA :PinkyPiela: :Portal:
P.S. I think you should make a temmie one!Requested Temmie duo Icon (with Beau) (just sayin)
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Thank you soo much!!! 
I'll try!Temmie Christmas icon 
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PapyrusLApapyrus YES i love 
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Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked! 
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(In Undertale I never kill Papyrus!)
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Thank yoooouu!!!!!
(Well.... I did the genocide route once sooo.... GIF Steven Universe - Blushing But I felt so bad after killing averyone that I reseted the game before the ending of the run so it didn't have any pos-genocide efects, and then a played my third pacifist route to feel better XD)
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Omg how cute XD
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Thank you!!!! Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 
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You should Chara next..and have them holding their knife
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Yes Yes! Chara is the next one! 
I'll try to make her holding the knife! Wink/Razz 
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PapyrusLA : Oh my gosh! I look so cooooooool! Now I am a shoe in for becoming Cpt. of the royal guard! Request duo Icon Papyrus (and Mettaton) 
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Hahaha! XD
Thanks Paps!
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For that here.…

If you have already seen this then know I have a defibulator ready.
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THIS ISN'T HOW COOKING WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOW??...What.... This isn't how pizza works... what.... the cake.... HOW? ???
XD Hahahha That was hilarious GIF My Little Pony - Laugh 
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