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NOT GIF Steven Universe - wtf

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Me when I'm at my math class
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my face when i see homework
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my face when the directions for a test / assignment are not clear but I heard every word of it.

///sorry not sorry
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Lapis looks so triggered i swear.
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Trying to read the directions on the board without glasses.
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Trying to do anything without glasses.
i'm so blind
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Quick before someone else does it! Make gifs of the next episode before you miss out! Like with Amethyst trying to force a pizza/borito down her mouth. When They Ask 'What That Mouth Do?'...  SEE! You missed it!
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AaaaaaH!!!!!!!!! I saw that someone had made this gif before me GIF Steven Universe - Well yes... 
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Sorry. ;_; I couldn't resist making it.

Although, there's tons of other ones that haven't been done! You just gotta get down to Bismuth, is all! Part Of A Complete Breaking Point! 
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Thats why you gotta make these things before others beat you to it. I know you have other stuff going. But doing one after the episode airs should be alright no?
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ughhhhh but im a lazy hunk of granola Llama Emoji-65 (Blink White and Tired) [V3] 
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Granola? Granola helps you keep on going. Your argument worked against yourself. x3
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So... I'm... I am... a lazy hunk of bacon!
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Drooling Tard  I eat bacon. Moar Bacon 
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omg dont

I'm a lazy hunk of wood
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