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GIF Steven Universe - Facetable

When GIF Steven Universe - Facepalm  or GIF Steven Universe - Facebowl  still isn't enough.
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When the whole class except for you and a little other people and the Teacher is gonna punish the whole class so you gotta pretend you're were sleeping through the whole thing.

But you're just still disappointed they moved your classes around.
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when you come back from school because it was a snow day, but you realize that you're still going to have to take that exam that everyone missed.
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when people complain about conniverse
me:  GIF Steven Universe - Facetable by ChrisRainicorn  
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life in a nutshell
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when you get a project assignment from the class you hate
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Your face when Steven Universe gets another hiatus. 
GIF Steven Universe - Facetable 
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When you arrive to your home and get hit in the face with surprise homework/schoolwork GIF Steven Universe - Facetable 

(For me schoolwork always acts like HW and it sucks)
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When another scammer is on the loose:GIF Steven Universe - Facetable 
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Me when I'm tired at my computer:GIF Steven Universe - Facetable 
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Teacher:GIF Steven Universe - Facetable 
Me:GIF Steven Universe - This face...  xD
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GIF Steven Universe - Facetable What did we say about faces on the table?
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Mondays in a nutshell
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GIF Steven Universe - Facetable what did we say about heads on the table?

I love that episode!
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It was good! But I would like it better if alexandride had a bigger role.....
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yes I would like to see her more often too
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I think we'll see a lot of her in the next episodes.... :la:
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