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GIF Steven Universe - Blushing

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*dabs to hide from embarrassment*
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*gets more embarassed
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You shall no see sin Steven.
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When I see two persons kissing  GIF Steven Universe - Blushing by ChrisRainicorn
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KILL ME NOW! 1 year later, I look back at this and I be like: "ITS SO CUTE WHEN HE BLUSHES! I CAN'T!"
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IKR?? Our precious cinnamon roll * Q *
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Steven is cute X3
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Me when my friend ships me with Lapis.
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it looks like the dab.
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i want to make a ship

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Me with RC9GN,PZPTH and,obviously...

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*fluttlershy voice* yeeyFluttershy Blink Icon 
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