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GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil - SURPRISE!

 Ooohhh...OMG... holy... *screams*.........*cries*
This episode....... ok.OMG :omgomg: :nuu: 
GIF Steven Universe - The Biggest NOPE aaah pillow fight GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  WOW 
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The face is creepy..... ;-;
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Hi are we allowed to use this as an icon?
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I feel like I could actually hear him saying surprise 
That's because you can
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Gaben told us there would be no Half-life 3, but he lied.
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Pick up that can
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I need to watch more Svtfoe.
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How do you say these anyway.


Never mind.
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ok i really loved toffee as a villain
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Me too! ^^ But I really wanted to see more of him. 
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I'm not a big fan of star and the forces of evil. But this alligator is pretty funny!
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The comments in this are so diversified....
You think he's funny, others think he's creepy, others hate him...Haha XD
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binge watched the show yesterdayyy and i love it
gosh toffee is a huge bitchhhhhh
he's right up there with Jeremy on the bitch list 
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OMG, I just binge-watched the entire first season and I LOVE it.
And I love Toffee the most (especially in this episode)! I can't WAIT to see more of him.
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Welcome to the SVTFOE fandom! :3
I can't wait for new episodes too!! XD
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