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ATG 2016 Day 2 - Grappling Hook!

Day 2!! WOOP WOOP!! GIF Gravity Falls - Wowowowow 
Today's prompt is: Draw a pony moving / Draw a pony in action. And the first thing that I though when I read "in action" was "grappling hook"... don't ask me why, I had just woken up. One thing lead to another and this is what came out! 
I really liked this one! I think I'm starting to learn how to do backgrounds! MabelLA 
And if you're watching me for a long time or looked at my old art, you probably noticed that I love drawing pony versions of characters from other shows. I have lots of pony versions from SU characters...lots... even my icon is a pony version of Rose Quartz! (it was my first digital art that I completed - wow....really old) And it's been a long time since my last Gravity Falls art... Anyway, I am pretty happy with it!

Well, I hope you like it and see you tomorrow! GIF Gravity Falls - Wave 

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! ATG 2015
Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! ATG 2016
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I often imagine that Mabel and Pinkie Pie would partake in all sorts of happy-go-lucky shenanigans together while Dipper and Twilight Sparkle play all sorts of card/board/video games for hours.
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I feel like Mabel would be pink L00L
YES. Ponify everything!
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Grappling is best actionBatman Ninja 
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One of those shows is done. The other had zombies. Which one is which? :3
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