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A thing I did for a thing. This is a straight scan, no edits.

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Godzilla vs. Cthulhu? Sounds like an epic concept don't you think? Like the linework and shading. Cthulhu never looked so menacing.
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thanks much! I'd have to take Cthulhu in that fight
Apiero-Athazagora's avatar
Maybe....I'm thinking Godzilla 
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Heil for the Cthulhu :D
ramblingtinker's avatar
Hey that's R'lyeh good! (I'm sorry, I had to.)
HighPriestSatanis's avatar
That's an awesome Cthulhu!
Big-Snoops's avatar
This Cthulu is SICK! Lovecraft would be proud.
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thank you very much!
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Now all we need is his sibling brother, Moon Lord, and it can be a family photo.
Still as amazing beyond amazing!
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C'thulhu fhtagn! Pretty cool to see him in your style.
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I think that will send Davy Jones crying to is mama😱
Jaggerwolf08's avatar
How long does it take you to draw someting like that or any of your sketches?
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This was like 3 hours
Jaggerwolf08's avatar
Whaaaaaaat!? No ways. That's fast
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