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Oh how i love me some Creepypasta. Some of the pastas i've done,but not all.

Jeff The Killer Creepypasta by ChrisOzFulton Slenderman by ChrisOzFulton Ben Drowned CreepyPasta by ChrisOzFulton Eyeless Jack CreepyPasta by ChrisOzFulton Slenderman by ChrisOzFulton Hoodie Creepypasta by ChrisOzFulton 

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*added four more 11/28/2015
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Ugh beautiful work

AGHAH SO DANG GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many Memories 💗

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que buen dibujo

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i like the art peace but uhh i was going to say somthin buttttttttnvm

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Omg I am a fan of all of the Creepypasta characters I love it all and nice drawing ✍🏻 of them :) 😱🥰😍😏😁🥳😳😎!!
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Damn! You draw them really good! Nice work!

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They all are so amazing!
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This is Awesome! Nice Art
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Seeing how many I can name:
Ben drowned, Clockwork, Eyeless Jack, The Rake, Mr. Widemouth, Slenderman, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Smile dog, Sally, Jeff the Killer, Laughing Jack, Sonic.Exe (I think), idk, Jane the killer (? I can't tell if thats her), Zalgo, idk, idk (I just call him Pikachu.Exe even though I know thats not right XD), The Puppetier! BOOM
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"Pikachu.exe" is actually BRVR.
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No, it's UCHAKIP.

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Haha, very funny. Ihsoy was an awful pasta.
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No, that's an actual .exe game.

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And I wouldn't recommend playing it. 
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