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Town of Beginnings



Early concept of starting town for "Project Xalenth"
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Wish the project could've taken off. Have to admit that this image was a huge factor in my support. It's basically the home in my heart I never knew I needed or even had

Focuses on the 14th century, if bound to English speaking parts today?
Elizabeth Eyre encompasses into the 15th century beneath an extension.
To conceptualize between the points.
Pivotal point beneath Jecks' confession.  

No more Crusader Kingdoms beneath the west, no turning back the wheels in terms of a coming Renaissance consequentially.
Dark Ages still alive, until the Great War era as railroads are modernizing Europe.
Could not tell what it is simply beneath the illustration.
Aspects of character to illuminate a specific 15th century as urban life is transforming via a Renaissance.
Social life needs to be made clear.
To discern daily life Ming Dynasty from daily life Tang Dynasty China.
Mighty intelligent concept to infer.
"Time Flies" by Porcupine Tree.

Never been to Europe.
That Pink Floyd song which talks about "the English way" and "missing the starting gun," side one of Dark Side of the Moon
The Taken film starring Liam Neeson.
Only concept I have to how people left Europe for the US>
Clarify the specifications over communal planning, day-by-day life, block neighborhood organization.
I believe that Michael Jecks volunteers explanations within publication beneath a thing he would know.
Wonderful looking town and landscape!  These lend itself to the expectation of friendly people!Nod Rich color and artistry!:happybounce:  
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Beautiful! Really love your works. Do you have progress images from any of them? :) 
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A lovely image with terrific lighting in it.
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Wow, this is amazing :D (Big Grin)
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I thought this was Sword Art Online when I first read the title. Lol.
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I hope you get to your goal in time!
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Beautiful art piece
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This looks amazing, I really like the design of the houses.
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beautiful choice of angle and composition. Great work.
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this looks amazing and very detailed,it feels very real and lively
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This is so pretty! It looks like you took a photo, it's so astonishing
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This reminded me of Shingeki no Kyojin :D
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I like your environmentart, your color choose. For me it is so hard to make some lokation ⊙~⊙
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 Beautiful work!
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look like ff9 ^^
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