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The Unassailable Fortress

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I'd like to obtain permission to use this in a fan generated roll playing aid. It would make a great cover for our forbidden fortress hex crawl fan made rules.

Daniel from Nebuchadnezzar II to Belshazzar.
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can I use some of your backgrounds in a non-profit fan film I'm making with friends? I'd give you credit and all.
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Doesn't really look like its unassailable
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truly amazing,is that a crab sign?
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Isn't it the unassaible Fortress of Crab Clan ??

Very nice work !!!
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Breathtaking, all your art works :heart:
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OMG I love the lighting, the textures and beautiful detail! Stunning
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That is one gorgeous fortress
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Very foreboding, intimidating, and full of and various outcomes for an amazing adventure.
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I don't think those guys know that.
There's something unreal about this--maybe it's the angle which gives me the impression that, here I was exploring and suddenly I discover this hidden place with a pretty waterfall and then a fortress that fits in with everything and doesn't at the same time...?  Idk.
Amazing work!
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i love the contrast between the darkness in the foreground and the sunlight in the clearing!  great work!
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Its amazing!! please tell me that you do youtube tutorials
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Simply amazing. Great work!.
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A temple for only those deemed worthy!
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beautiful work :)
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Nice work, love the soft light on the house !
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