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The Hidden Bastion



for l5r, AEG

Cold evil light, total fun to paint. Try it at home!
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very mysterious
Mario-Romualdo's avatar
Kanpeki-sama shall rule all the empirial scum xD

I'm an hardcore spider clan fan ^^

Awesome art sir, you make the spider clan proud xD
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Spider: "Alright people single file lines.  We'll be taking a tour of 'Spider Mansion,' one of the last feudal lord estates left in Japan.  And no Spiderman didn't used to live here."
Roger-Lee's avatar
Wow!  Your art is awesome! Keep up the great work! 
sugar0o's avatar
i totally thought Naraku from Inuaysha when i saw this.
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DeviousSqurl's avatar
I like it! Creepy spiders, pagodas in a dark forest setting? We need a samurai army :)
NightshadeWarrior493's avatar
Intense atmosphere in a desolate zone of darkness? Plenty of epic! Instant favorite!
shellz-art's avatar
The land of nope!

but seriously it is an amazing piece.
luckyleafs's avatar
oh gosh spiders nooo not the spiders
Well, you sure got the evil atmosphere thing down to a T, amazing job as always!
vegeta88's avatar
Looks like that one spider is pointing them to go in the right direction, or maybe its just me. Awesome job!
jlboocker's avatar
Excellent. Love the atmosphere you've created.
Gi1t's avatar
Love the one light up in the top right corner of the castle. :D Looks like it's staring down at you.
Taylor-Denna's avatar
Augh! The spiders! Certainly a creepy feel! 
irrenderNarr42's avatar
Take over a hidden ruin of a castle and slap your clan-mon on it, that's exactly how these guys roll.
Jessica-Prando's avatar
amazing atmosfere!
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