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Shinsei's Last Hope


for l5r, AEG

The last free human settlement in the shadowlands.

photos - Noah's Iceland Pack
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...the adventure begins.

Is it tactically secure strategically?
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Reminds me of a Bhutanese Dzong
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Quite creative and very well done. It looks like photograph.
drewberry's avatar
This looks so real, very picturesque of a Japanese castle. And I'm loving the angled perspective that breaks the rules of landscape photography.
Vohmaka's avatar
Another beautiful piece.
Alexaphyr's avatar
The perspective and detail are phenomenal. 
MagicHeart-ACH's avatar
This is not a drawing this is a photo Where did you take that photo??
Amazing job by the way
SorteKanin's avatar
Is this a photomanipulation or something? The details looks too amazing not to be real! Incredible work! :D
DJFramez's avatar
superior work
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The level of detail in this is amazing, the textures you've used gives it a great look of realism. But the bit I love most if the effect over the top that makes me feel as if I am looking down on the fortress through my airplane window. Love it! :D
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Unless they got heavy artillery, they stand a chance. And a never ending supply of food ..
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Impressive. Most impresive.Trophy 
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Reminds me of Irontown from Princess Mononoke :) Very cool!
TodallyNotAmazing's avatar
This almost looks like it could have been a picture, you're art seems to get better every time you make a new painting. Good job :D
This is magnificent! I wish I could be lord of that castle! Haha :D (Big Grin) 
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Beautiful and stunning,
Iavas's avatar
This is stunning! I looked at it full-size and was absolutely sure that it was some Japanese castle that you took a picture of out of a train window. Even after reading the description and realizing it is a painting, I still cannot get my brain to interpret it as anything but real. Fantastic work!
FantasyScribbler99's avatar
It just looks like a photo! It's really great.
LeDaverix's avatar
really awsome.. and so many details :o
after looking on this i wanna play Shogun II again :D
ChrisOstrowski's avatar
after reading your comment I wanna play Shogun 2 again as well :D
Dunoid's avatar
I also mistook this for a photo at first.  Excellent work!
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хорошо, вел мет!
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