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Dragon's village

It was once a dragon's graveyard, back in times when enormous creatures were still kickin. They were dying here and becoming one with mountains. And then, after millenias, humans came and didn't give a damn. fin.

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Both the view, and the smell, is breath taking.
Plumlinderdog's avatar
Beautifully told story *sniff*
brb loling XD
I like the idea that a dragon might have died here hundreds of years ago and humans built a city here so its intimidating corpse would keep away other predators (perhaps smaller dragons). Very cool.
TheUnknownety's avatar
This looks like a scene from a book/game/movie, really nice to see such details, and the concept is also rather interesting.
ruuk-ve's avatar
A beautiful story. Brought tears to my eyes, friend.
bookofmatchesmedia's avatar
That is great. What a cool idea and well executed.
Wish this was wallpaper size o.o would totally stretch this accross my desktop!
Sonic840's avatar
great concept!  also, it's been featured on an i09 article:…
ChrisOstrowski's avatar
hey, thanks for letting me know!
This is a great concept! Freaking amazing job.
Western-Witch's avatar
Absolutely stunning. The dramatic effect of lighting and the hugeness of the dragon head makes this an impacting piece of artwork. Just imagine if they were still alive, that huge, flying through the sky, crushing everything in their wake. Wow. It's an adrenaline boosting thought. Gorgeous picture. :heart:
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fallen dragon city I like the idea. may use it in my dragon civil war book?
ChrisOstrowski's avatar
yes you can use the idea. is this some kind of dead dragon novel competition or what, 2 persons asking for this in just two days can't be a coincindence
Aseika's avatar
its a book I'm in the middle of a re-write and its about a dragon civil war. and it spans about 10k in years. about 1000 before the story starts there was a thousand year war between the dragons and humanoids and the humanoids won out. using a mage sect. they closed the only portal between the two worlds where the dragons came from. and the fallen dragon village would be a perfect jumping point for the one of the towns in the lands of Rovar where the land is shaped by the many fallen dragons. and where the portal is located in my world. I'll be sure to add your name to the owner and credit of this picture.
ChrisOstrowski's avatar
aaand stop. so you want to use the picture. however shitty it may be, I cannot allow you to use it unless the book is non-profit, thanks.
Aseika's avatar
ok. I can change that chapter with a different idea. after all it is a re-write :D
MrFabulousFox's avatar
Hello. May I use this as inspiration for a novel I am writing.
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wow :) great concept
SKy-2008's avatar
this would be worth faving for the desciption on it's own, but with that kind of picture... :+favlove:
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Great piece of work.
Thanks for sharing...
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