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Blood of an Englishman



Cover for "Blood of an Englishman", boardgame about a classic Little Red Riding Hood story. Copyright Renegade Game Studios
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Oooh, this looks nice! I really like the composition of this piece and that giant looks pretty menacing.
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Beautifully done! Loving the Zhong Feng Hua feel! :)
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Oh, yeah! One of my favorite stories from childhood.

This looks great, and I enjoy how detailed this is.
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THIS! Kudos!
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EPIC!!!! Awesome job.
Except that "Jack and the Beanstalk" isn't a red riding hood story. 
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I am amazed by the details and the quality oh this image :)
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one GIANT size problem
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Art to inspire to.
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Oh I love the detail in this nicely done!
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Epic. Round of applause.
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FEE FI FO FUM URHHHHHHGH La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Amazing work! The way you composed the piece makes the castle in the sky feel really huge! There's plenty of energy in the way you rendered the beanstalk as well. :] Great job! 
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