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Thunderbird 4: Armed and Dangerous

By Chrisofedf
Double pun :)
Companion piece to:Into the scene... by Chrisofedf

And part of the set of:

Thunderbird 1 - Firebird by ChrisofedfThunderbird 2: Man and Machine by ChrisofedfThunderbird 5: A Breath of Fresh Air by Chrisofedf

Gordon desperately attempts to defuse a deadly hydromic missile while Thunderbird 4 carries it away from a vital under arctic research base.

Have to say, really impressed with the new TB4. It's a great design with several new kinks including large folding interchangeable arms and a glass floor which isn't actually as bad an idea as it sounds.

One of the biggest things that has impressed me about the new show is how the underwater FX sequences are executed. The subtle glare and distortion as the craft move really sells the effect. The Sea lab rescue from episode 1 has to be one of my favourite rescues yet.

Made in Blender, Rendered in Vue and Photoshop. :)

Triple pun, TB4 has demolition missiles.
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the pun is beautiful and so are your drawings i love them to bits thank so much for us fans of having the pleasure of seeing thes beauties XD
Want to know something insanely weird about me? In transformers my favourite designs of characters just come from all over the place but with thunderbirds that's a whole nother story. Before the reboot my fav designs were ALL the 2004 designs apart from TB5 and with this new reboot I 
prefer the designs of LITERALLY everything except the pod vehicles...... yeah............. don't ask why....... I've got absolutely no clue.....................
Although at the same time they're still my fav pod vehicles somehow lol guess it was just the firefly's design made me a little sour about the new pod vehicles idk lol although it hasn't like got anything on it that says "firefly" and they didn't refer to that at any point throughout the episodes that assembly appeared in so they could still change it i guess : /
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I can confirm from a direct response from the series director that we haven't seen Firefly (yet), the other POD is just an IR Bulldozer :)
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I do love the new TB4!  It is such a lovely designed craft, that harks back to the OS TB4, and yet such an improvement and still there is something rather adorable about it!
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I really like this feature too, and removing that light bar makes it so much more streamlined!
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The life pods from ep 1 are so streamline and slick. Love how the show wasn't an over haul, but rather a rebuild of the classic. Nothing was truly lost in this show. The took all the parts and gave them a polish. Also the water animation and rescue scenes were beautifully done.
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I agree again - TB4 is well shaped - I did have initial reservations about the windows in the bottom, but all of it makes sense in design and use; the fold out arms are clever, the pop out hydro-thrusters before launch are a neat twist, the escape pods are cool, and I will admit his ingress/egress system with his own mini-sub pack is a design gem.

The only criticism is that she is the only ship to carry missiles/torpedoes/charges; I read somewhere that the people who did this avoided armaments from the original series because it felt too militaristic - but as we see in the first show and the last, sometimes a well aimed shot can save lives :)

One thing I do not miss is that silly lamp shovel it use to have. This looks like this can work for real.

I agree strongly that the underwater sequences are superb - better than any show or cinema thing I have ever seen!!

Excellent render here - and of the old hydromic  torpedo too :D
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You've done it again! Amazing!! :D
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This one is one my desktop! its so gorgeous!
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Thanks, i'm honoured to grace your desktop :)
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Another fantastic rendition!  She's a real beauty.
Now you have the models, of course, I'm hoping to see many more awesome images  :D
I agree with you about new designs being excellent.  My main cavil with the show is that they've tried too hard to make it look like small models in many instances - ironic, really, since the reason the original show was so loved is due to the brilliant work of Derek Meddings in making small models look enormous.
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When the Thunderbird 3 one comes out she's going straight on my desktop!

I've fallen in love with her new more useful design XD
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Hah :P

Awesome work though so far!
Now all that's left is Thunderbird 3!
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& ThunderBird 6 & The FAB-1 Right Chris?
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