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Soyuz in Flight



For once I figured i'd model something that actually existed, so it here it is, a Soyuz space craft, first launched in 1966 and still in use today. A rather bizarre looking ship that oddly looks good from any angle.

Made in: Blender,
Vue 10
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Nothing fancy, nothing flashy, simply functional the Soyuz remains a premier technological achievement of the 20th century.

The near pastel quality of the piece, coupled with the high cloud form behind, captures the grace and serenity of the early low orbital zero G fights of the module presenting a stark contrast in image form to the prevailing (post Kubrick's 2001) tendency towards the extreme light/dark shading of most interpretations of space flight all the while while retaining your individually recognizable style.

The composition suggests both the long standing desire of humanity to soar above the cloud layer along with the yearning to explore new and unknown horizons.

Well done.