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Godzilla: Moonlight SY-3 by Chrisofedf Godzilla: Moonlight SY-3 by Chrisofedf
A little bit of fun from my formative years, found this film in a local second hand shop and it was exactly what my 10 year old self needed at the time.

While Ebirah: Horror of the deep was my first Godzilla film, Destroy all Monsters cemented me as a fan.

Made in Blender and photoshop and bits of Adobe stock.
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this is a Superb Masterpiece of Kaijutech Created by Chris! this is Well Done,the Scene is a Breathtaking Choice, the SY-3 looks like it just came fresh from the Builders,all Shiny & Bright,Overall, a MASTERPIECE! this was Well done, and Should be seen as the Best Way of viewing a Movie Vehicle like this! My Prise to Chris for showing how Great his Works are! this is a Majoe League Awesome Artwork! Keep up the Superb Work,Chris! This would Make some Movie Effects People a Bit Jealous of the Awesome work You've Done! Keep it up Chris! I'd Recommend this Artwork for Most awesome Movie Vehicle! Dan
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MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018
Cool one
Cybersox-XIII Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
Great image!  People tend to mainly remember the suitmation and miniature destruction effects from the early Toho and Tsuburaya films, but there were a lot of really incredibly unique and creative bits of ship and mecha design as well... the MSY-3 was always one of my favorites, ranking just beneath the Markelites from MYSTERIANS and the Atragon. 
CR99nut Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
This is one G vehicle that I've always thought had a strong Gerry Anderson vibe to it. Nicely rendered, Chris!

As an aside, my first G-film was actually the first (well, the American version: Godzilla, King of the Monsters), Ebirah (AKA Godzilla vs the Sea Monster) was an early one after that, followed by many more out of order as they were randomly shown on TV. The first G-film I actually saw in a cinema was Godzilla vs Gigan, though my memories of that one are hazy at best. G vs Megalon was next, and I couldn't forget that one if I tried. (And I have tried! Although the dam-bursting scene is actually superb...)

I could talk kaiju all day, so I'd better stop now!
blacklion68 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017
Hopefully you'll be taking a crack at the vehicles of the Mechagodzilla saga. Great work as always!
Chrisofedf Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Professional Filmographer
At some point hopefully. :)
TheAtomicDog Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017
Love this mid-Cold War borderline-fictional tech! The Godzilla flicks...Thunderbirds Are Go...
MrWonderWorks Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Chris, Can You Do Some New TerraHawks Vehicles?
arenafighter Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017
Awesome Work!
Chrisofedf Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Thanks and thanks for the critiques!!
arenafighter Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
No Problem. You do Top Notch Work,IMHO!
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December 25, 2017
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