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Dalek Time Strategist

By Chrisofedf
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A quick image of the Dalek Time Strategist model I made for Tom Websters cover of Casualties of War. :)
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Cool- very much as I would imagine it to look as well- very well done.
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...what exactly was the purpose of this dalek again? I remember the Time Controller dalek was meant to remember every timeline that occurred, but other than the fact he was meant for the time war, I know nothing about the time strategist. :l
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Love the purple.
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So what can/does this object do?
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Quite a combination of things going on here! 
Is this a rough draft or are you going to add more elements to the design? 

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Excellent!  I've seen this guy before, but I can't for the life of me remember where.
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It is quite closely modelled on the Dalek Supreme from stolen earth. :)
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I had a bit of a brain-fart, it seems :)  It's right here on Deviant Art…
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Sort of. That link is for the Dalek Time Controller. This is the Dalek Time Strategist. They're both Big Finish creations, but the Time Controller predates the Time War, whereas the Time Strategist seems to have been pretty much _running_ the Dalek side of the Time War.

I suspect that the Time Strategist was conceived as an upgraded version of the Time Controller, with the bugs worked out. The Time Controller's voice was similar to Dalek Caan's, high-pitched and unstable. It sometimes seemed to be on the verge of giggling. Exposure to the time vortex appeared to have driven it insane.  Eventually, it was cast out as a rogue element by the Dalek Supreme. The Time Strategist was very sane; it had the same kind of booming voice as the Emperor, and showed no sign whatsoever of instability. 
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Awesome, Chris,
shame you were restricted by what had appeared before you would have come up with someting better I'm sure. The chucky blocks around the head would look great if the recessed front panels glowed in someway.
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Fascinates me that such Daleks like that never appear in the series, only on the covers of Big Finish audios or mentioned in the novels.
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Awesome work he one of my fav characte big finsi dr who the last war doctor cds are now out
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Very nice! I have to admit, I don't really like the way in which the gyro rings intersect with the bracket, but honestly, this does a heck of a lot better job of making the brackets than the source design! I suspect that might be because of having the lightning globe to contain; they look somewhat more functional because of that. The gold replacing silver in the colour scheme works extremely well too - I actually assumed that was the lighting on the cover itself.

Lovely stuff!
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Cheers! Unfortunately the top half of the design was already used in the Agents of Chaos cover so i was a little limited. If i was doing him from scratch I'd probably distance the design from the Time controllers and make him more like the TV21 emperor!
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Ah, of course - I forgot they used it on the last box set. Pity, I'd actually really like to see a take on the TS Dalek that went with cues from ol' bobblehead. It would work well with the portrayal in the play of a far more buttoned-down and controlled Dalek to have it be a bit more covered up and contained.

Plus, it's the TV21 Emperor. More things need to take design cues from that thing!
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