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Challenger 3



The Challenger departs the Underwater shipyard at Atlantic command and off onto another mission.

Another concept from my old ideas, Challenger 3 was an underwater action/adventure series which being honest, basically was a mergence of Stingray, Seaquest DSV and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. 

The ship itself, I sketched out last year and hasn't really changed that much in its conversion to 3d. It is essentially a small frigate designed to protect colonies and go on special missions. Takes a crew of 4. Just for a change, it is controlled from the bottom where those big windows are. It can also launch a single 1 man fighter.

While the shows mentioned above had a big impact on the design, I actually was also heavily influenced by the game "Submarine Titans" an amazing game which sadly is no longer compatible with windows.

Here is the original Sketch, the proper out line and the finished version together.
Before and after by Chrisofedf

The smaller submarine is another which I designed "Moray 1" a reference to another great sub game. Deep Fighter.
Exploring the Deep. by Chrisofedf
Made with:
The unlimited power of Neptunes Trident.
Simply 3d.

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This is giving me some serious "SeaQuest" vibes! Well done!