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Annie's Escape...



This is her one place that is always ready for her escape ~ Annie's Escape

She always drifts comfortably upon these never ending plains and mountain peaks, as the songs of the seldom seen Birdleaves whisper gently into her ever listening ears.

This is the place for Annie to escape when this world seems small....

Here she can fly and explore for days on end and never be cold nor hungry, and never tired or feel aged. 

Annie's Escape is always ready to welcome you and all others! Please join Annie and I :wave: The door is always open :earth: 

Designed and rendered using Vue software~
Please enjoy this world as I have enjoyed making it for you.
Thank you for all of the favorites and views of this render!

Dedicated to my great friend Annie :iconhouseofchabrier:
I thank her for the inspiration she gives me, and the fantastic art that she has created:heart:

"Koas" "Cycris the Flat Planet" "Turvy" are intellectual property of C. Herrman and Riverhouse Studios
Not to be used or copied in any digital or traditional mediums for any purpose.

One of Desk Top Nexus' most downloaded wallpapers. They stole it from my gallery :shrug: I am flattered though, and they do not sell images. Please check to see if you have any works there that have been taken, they steal many artworks from this site.
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Love your work