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For anyone interested, I would offer a lightsaber render where you get to design the hilt, and blade color. The package will contain high resolution images, suitable for prints, and include an image of just the hilt(s), the hilt(s) in a sword stand, and an image with the saber active. The saber hilt you will receive will be unique to you, since you will be the one to design it for me to model and render. Sith, Jedi, and everywhere else in between welcome. 2,500 points, or $25 through PayPal.

— Paypal and points. 100 points = $1. While these two are the preferred methods, I am open to discussing other alternatives, as long as they're legit.
— I take payment before I start your commission!! I won't start until I've received the money. That being said, you are more than welcome to send the details of what you want ahead of that, so I can do at least a little research before starting.
— PLEASE be aware that my day job is with the military and I'm out for 9+ hours a day at least five days a week. You have every right to check up on how your commission's going, but please please be patient with me.
— I have every right to turn down a commission. But if I do turn down a commission, I will most likely give you the reason as to why I have! Thank you!

Jaecyn Riddick's Saber Display Case by ChrisNs Commission - Holy Man's Sabers by ChrisNs Commission - Holy Man's Sabers by ChrisNs Commission, K. Mallan's Shotos by ChrisNs Commission, Dav's Sabers by ChrisNs Mortale's Saber, Active by ChrisNs Lamia's Hilt by ChrisNs Jaecyn Riddick's Lightsaber by ChrisNs
So, I've been trying to get out of the house some more. It's mostly on the weekends, since my usual work routine during the week is, sadly, sleep and work. Doesn't help that I'm stuck on an island, but that's on me, since I accepted the assignment. Military work has been a challenge, but the time I get to myself to do the things I enjoy gives me a chance of blowing off some steam and keeping me frosty as possible.

Anyhow... I've got a commission or two that I'd like to run through DA, to give me something sincerely enjoyable to do and give to the community in my own way. I'll still be posting photos of Oahu, when I get some good ones worth sharing. Hopefully a pic or two might even grace an office cubicle or home as a print.

If any of you have any suggestions for commissions or photo requests, or just wanna shoot me a message, shoot me a message. At least I'll know I ain't alone out here in "teh interwebz."
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So, I've decided to get back into doing commission work, starting off with a group of people I write with as often as I can. Somewhere, it seems that I had slowly drifted off of being an artist, and got beached with the job I am working right now, an aircraft mechanic. I'm not really complaining about doing it, though, as it's not a bad job, and it's pretty cool seeing how these things work. I'd also be lying to say I haven't learned anything useful, or important, or just plain interesting. Even more so to say that I haven't met some insanely awesome people here.

I just haven't been as active with my artwork as I want to be, and that's what's kind of killing me at the moment. I'd get a really good idea of what I want to do, but I'd get inspired at completely the wrong moments, usually when I'm far away from my own computer. So, I figured, to get me back into it, of doing a few small commissions, and seeing where that goes. I'll be sure to pass along the details once I figure things out.

Commission - Holy Man's Sabers by ChrisNsMortale's Saber, Active by ChrisNs

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Okay, I'm back on after four years, and yes, I've been doing stuff. (Just in case anyone was ever interested.)

I've been trying out new stuff since I took an extended leave from DA. Most of the stuff I've been doing has been posted on Renderosity, and my own website at

I'll be posting things here every so often. Hope you enjoy what I have.
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I'd thought it best to take a moment to introduce myself.

Needless to say, I'm an artist of sorts.

I'm a Renderosity and Inner Traveler member of three and one years respectively, and I have a website of my own, the link I've provided on my profile here.

I've been rendering since 7th grade and drawing since earlier.

I am a junior in college, and do have plans for life but figure it best just to see which hands I'm dealt as time goes by.

Look forward to posting more.

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