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Master Raddekh's E-Wing over the Eocho Mountains. by ChrisNs Master Raddekh's E-Wing over the Eocho Mountains. by ChrisNs
Grandmaster Ja'sean Raddekh is a Grey Jedi character of mine on an RPG site,, and this is his fighter. I've posted images of it before, but this one has a few mods to it.

In universe, this particular fighter is a complete rebuild and overhaul of the Series Four E-Wing, and the fifth upgrade done to the new series, therefor a mark 5, block 50 craft.

Here, Raddekh is flying his craft to a point where he can jump from his homeworld of Ossus, to Yavin IV (depicted here), where he's to meet with Jedi about formalizing certain programs and alliances between groups. As a precaution, his 'get out of jail, free' card, he carries a certain set of weapons that can help ensure an escape. Normally, a couple of anti-ship missiles, a couple of sensor-killers, and a bunch of anti-fighter missiles, on top of the standard three heavy lasers and a 16 torpedo magazine.
thebingbang Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet stuff! Always wanted to see someone's actual render of a rendition of an E-wing. Wookieepedia's sucks! I mean, it looks like a drawing of a kid's model. IMO at least...:P
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