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A revamp of my previous post, added some chroma aberration and a depth map to make it more photo like.

For those unfamiliar with the E-Wing, or Star Wars in general, here's a short-n-sweet about the fighter. The E-Wing was originally designed and manufactured during the Thrawn Campaign, following the Battle of Endor and subsequent collapse of the Galactic Empire. (Thanks to Disney for making a wonderfully detailed universe irrelevant). It was designed to replace and be equal to or better than the vaunted T-65 X-Wing, though it initially suffered some issues that caused it not to catch on as hoped. Though the E-Wing would eventually overcome these issues and prove to be every bit the X-Wing's successor, the X-Wing still remained in heavy numbers for decades to come. The E-Wing would be reserved for elite units, and even be flown by Luke Skywalker for a brief amount of time. He didn't particularly care for it, though it's excusable from being so used to flying some version of T-65.

The version depicted in this image is more Fanon based. In the Expanded Universe, there were four iterations of the fighter. This one is the fifth. Among it's many attributes are its updated droid, more powerful cannons and torpedoes, heavily expanded weapons capacity, even more advanced sensors and tougher armor. The fighter keeps in the tradition of being equal to or better than the X-wing, depending on what you're looking at, and is intended to carry out roles that other fighters, or even some bombers, might not be able to or be otherwise found impractical.

For more info, especially for the statistics geeks among us, info can be found here, at jvs.wikia.com/wiki/Mk_5_E-Wing.
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