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zhurong_General orders

UPDATE:My artwork had been chosen to be the bookcover of EXOTIQUE 7 artbook!! It's really a great pleasure to me cos inside the book does have alot greater arts and to b honest, i can only explain it by "I'm just being lucky" .....

anyway hope u guys like it, and buy 1 copy if possible cos it will be an AWESOME COLLECTION! XD

Work done for Generals Order Trading Card Game.


some of u who staying in singapore might see this in popular book store... :D

Generals Order site [link]

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Beautiful art
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Such a great piece !
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Very nice!
Thank you
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Wow! What amazing art work!
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She looks like a strong and skilled warrior, as well as a beautiful woman, wow !
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Don't be so modest. Your whole gallery is 1st class.
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cool, software please
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it is really pretty :)
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a Beauty
i love it ♥
This picture still gives me eyegasms
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Featured this gorgeous work here: [link]
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WOUAHOU !!!!!!

*lovelovelove !!!*
Very very nice!
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I just happen to find this work is Shimmering-swords Favs, but
1.) it looks awesome, very detailed, alive and, yeah, exotic. And
2.) i don´t know what other artists are represent in that book, but YOU were chosen for the cover.
Says a lot about what others think of you work, take pride in it!
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Haha really thanks for that!
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AWESOME I am stunned !!!

Your whole work is a feast for the eyes !!!
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The Goddess of Fire and Meng Huo's wife. Managed to capture two of Shu's generals before being captured herself by Ma Dai. Excellent artwork.
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Is it possible to order this as a print?
Really like this!
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