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zhensi_Generals Order

Work done for Generals Order Trading Card Game.

甄氏 zhen si - cao pi's wife...

thanks to :iconartgerm: for sharing how he paint in painter, then i tried out with this piece....

Generals Order site [link]

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The former wife of Yuan Xi, who was taken in by Cao Pi after he immediately laid eyes on her. She is very beautiful. Excellent artwork.
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Ancient china meets Arabian Nights? Very nice.

...Could someone pass me a mop to clean up all this drool?
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Really looks like an Artgerm rip off. I believe artists should strive to be original.
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I recalled when I asked Artgerm to autograph this card cause I thought he did this... should have seen my reaction when he said it was not his work and this was yours! (0_o)

Nice job on making a very beautiful and sexy artwork!
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ohh my gashh!!!! i love this!!!!
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The is so soft and elegant. Her eyes look so powerful yet there is a sense of peace about it.
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Cao Pi's wife? Lucky bastard. :D
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nice but its a lonly theame and smart
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She's perfect !
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simply stunning...luv this 1 :)
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Wowww! That fabric looks awesome!
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Oh! So that's why i looked like an artgerm from the thumbnail! great job. I envy you ^.^
Mitia-Arcturus's avatar
dear Chrisnfy...!!!
Your beautiful work is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...
You are welcome in Action-Portraits...!!!
Majeed-Q8's avatar
nicely don man..

can u get that soft light and color using adobe ??
the texture is great.
great work , i really love it .
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now could you share with us how u paint that pic with painter? XD
semajmai's avatar
awh man u need to do more girl pieces!
TheLoneSaiyanWarrior's avatar
I know its pretty inappropriate, and I'm only saying what others are .
But that is so realistic, and I'd probably Tap that.
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Ohhhhhh! LOL! I thought the style looked more like Artgerm's than your typical style! Hehehe

But you did a very nice job. btw dynasty warriors is epic....
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