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hmm.....just try out abit sketchy painting....hope u like it :)

o ya, it's a try out done a while ago...just use 20 minutes to touch up abit......and kinda feel DON WANNA CONTINUE ANYMORE!!!!!! u are.......LOL.......

warrior saving a girl who was trying to save her pet fox from the DEAD mutant dragon.....nothing special....l :P
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until I read the description I got the story backwards lol

I though the kid was crying for the dragon that got killed while defending her house from the arsonists xD
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That is what I thought too.
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The dragon armor is amazing
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This is amazing. Wow!
Hey there, sorry about my last comment, I've been informed that the formatting was bad and that it wouldn't suffice so I going back to make sure my intentions are clear, here we go!

I own a Magic the Gathering Tumblr with a decent following. I post my favorite cards and cards that I make myself. I'm currently trying to make an entire playable block of it, and would love to include your art! I already have the card made for this piece and it's 99% ready to go. Although I'm not selling these and it's just a fan project, I don't want to use your art without your permission. If or when you let me, your name will be on the card and I will link your deviant art and whatever else you want me to link. If you would prefer, I can show you the card as it sits now to make sure you're fine with it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and response!
Tumblr: MagictheGatheringDailyCard
Omg this is soooo beautiful I'm fucking jealous of you dude
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oh too awesome!! I want to be as good as this T_T
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Looks like this took a lot of hard work... great picture :)
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Fantastic, reminds me of works from Elmore and Easily in the old days of AD&D when it was at it's best.
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Where have I seen that armor before?

Looks like something from Dragon Fable.

Beautiful btw, I've never seen so many harpoons in one sea beast in any other piece of art I have viewed!
I love this painting, it's great! :)

May I have your permission to use this on a slideshow for a website that I am working on? I won't make any changes to it, and give you full credit. Let me know, I would really appreciate it. :)

Thank you.
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and that is what you get for trying to eat me.. take that!
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Thats BADASS ^^
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Really awesome!... Did he save the fox? :"{
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Wow! This is amazing. I love all the detail you put into this, and I especially love the stance of the warrior - still between the girl and the dragon, hand on his sword ready to spring into action if the dragon should prove to still be alive. The fire is really nice, too; the way you have it lighting up the rest of the scene almost makes it seem real! I am rather curious about the two people in the background, though... Are they facing towards the dragon and celebrating or something, or do they have their backs to us and are signaling others?
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Dude your an amazing artist :D

Com and see fantasy Gallery :

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Wow! Really, really amazing!
I envy your talent. :D
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incredible work
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this i a very good pic but weres the rest of the body ?
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reminds me of the story of St. George slaying the dragon only this is better ^_^
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