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dark stalker entry F _morrigan

well, the dark stalker tribute result is out......unfortunately, i FAILED to get in........... T_______T well, i just not good enough!! haha~~~so here is the full view~~~~~

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Girlfriend material
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My favorite character indeed and the most beatiful of course, great art work.
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I want this as a wallpaper so hit
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Awsome and sexy :wow:
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This is fantastic!!
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My wish has been answered. Plus u did an extraordinary job too. Can't wait to c more of your art. Brilliant stuff man.
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you did not get in with THIS!!!!

are they MAD!!!!

this...this is wonderful!!! honestly one of the best Morrigan pics I have seen in a long time.
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One of the best I have seen of her. And that's saying alot. Those that work at Udon must be extremely jealous, then.
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Man, I think this illustration is awesome. You SHOULD be in the Darkstallkers tibute. From now on, I'm your big fan.
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Hmm...Epic !
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Great lighting effects! :)
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beautiful one of the best morrigans i ever seen you are extremly good O.O
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wonderful!!!! fantastic pic!
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What do we have here
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love the look on her face.
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this is so awesome!! O_O´´
dude well done :D
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A shocking one! Well done!
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