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this is 1 of the card game art that i did for code collective.....since the card game is already online, we are able to post up our works in DA~~~ :dance:

description: This costs you glory to steal all the flux of your opponent. It should maybe show some thief or other shady character. It should have some sense of shame and dirty dealing.

The card game is named THE FAR WILDS and u can found it and download it from the [link]
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Interesting, love the title :)
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Your piece has been featured here... [link] Thank you for sharing such wonderful work with us... :hug:
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Awesome work... :D
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Very great art!!!
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AMAZZZZZING !! i must fav it !!
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i loveeeeeeee your lighting.
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thanks~~~~~ XDXD :handshake:
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Fantaaaaaaaastic, i love the colors!! omg.. fav!
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wow~~~~look who's here!!! XD thanks man!!!!!!
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The environment looks amazing man!!!
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wow... very nice lighting... but i think, something wrong with his head
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head is weird?hmmm.....mayb u can tell me bout that...... XD i cant tell really~~~
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can u ask your friend to pose like that? and look the distance between neck and shoulder. also see your friend heads position. if the position match to your work, for sure my opinion was wrong.
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o ya i did see the shoulder problem but because of u mentioned bout head~~~~lol~~~~THANKS anyway!! :) :rofl:
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no problem bro...
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frekin awesome!..:D :D
chrisnfy85's avatar
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ur welcome..:D :D :D
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Thats coo~~~l i have noticed that your coloring is fascinating ya know. :D keep going
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the flames are awesome :D I wish I knew how to paint like that
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I LOVE DIS ONE!!!!!!!!!! :love:
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wow nice highlight
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