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atoning wicked deeds_SC IV

this is 1 of the card art done by me for SOUL CALIBUR IV card art few months ago.....i'm allowed to post it, u are!!! XD

I'm glad that they use it as the cards packaging cover....HUHUUU~~~~ :dance:

for more information can check out from here(website)----> [link]

[copyright symbol] 2008 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. Licensed by NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
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oh.... Siegfried *¬*
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I like the overall lighting and the intense action of this picture.
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EPIC!!!! It is probably one of the most fantastic pictures of the confration of Siegfried and Nightmare. I have the game SoulCalibur IV and I love it! Even if the story is almost non-existent, even if those two have almost the same fighting style. IT IS EPIC!
I absolutely love this picture, Nightmare are the most awesome character ever
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just beautiful
OMG this is indescribably amazing. I'm faving this.
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Kick ass picture:)
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whoaaa amazing!!! xD
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Really good work!
This is Amazing! You just got onto my Deviant Watch for this one :3
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Woaaaa ^^

Great but very great work !!!
Thats freakin amazing
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You should work for Namco, this picture is just breath-taking, a true artwok :worship:
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Omg you did that ? :O waaaaaahhhhh That's too fuc*** nice :D That's ... perfect !
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Fuckin' beautiful man! :eyepopping:

Go Nihgtmare, GO! :dummy:
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